Rosacea Treatment
 That Works


What is the best Rosacea treatment? This is one of those RARE instances in skincare where I can tell you the single, definite answer. Yay!

Of course, there are a bunch of qualifyers. :)

I'll give you the the best Rosacea treatment options below, but we need to first answer an important question: What exactly is it?

Rosacea is a skin condition typically characterized by red, irritated cheeks, which can look like flushing. Flushing may be accompanied by very oily skin, dry flakey areas, or both. Lastly, a signature is often little red bumps or pustules on the affected area.

Here's our problem about Rosacea treatment - the condition is VERY often misdiagnosed. Oily skin with dry flaky skin on top is a SUPER common condition. Also - some skin is just sensitive, so an irritating agent may produce some redness and be mistaken for Rosacea. The opposite is true too - it is easy for someone to think that they have sensitive, combination skin when actually they have Rosacea!

What Rosacea treatment works?

If you suspect you have rosacea - do not go to an esthetician for treatment. You MUST go to a dermatologist or family doctor. Why? Because the only treatments that actually work to clear the condition are only available by perscription.

Metronidazole Lotion - this antibiotic lotion is available by perscription only and has great results. It is sold under the brand name MetroLotion (a Galderma trademark). The lotion has impressive results: According to the clinical studies, 72% of people treated saw Definite or Marked imporvement, or saw complete clearing.

I have heard of doctors perscribing an oral antibiotic to go along with the topical treatment. It seems that the cause of Rosacea may be a bacteria that thrives in the skin. Taken together, the effectiveness is said to be upwards of 80%. This is difficult to substantiate as I could not find any peer reviewed studies at the time of this writing (Sept 06).

There are some doctors that will perscribe an Azelaic acid compound for Rosacea treatment. This does help, but the acid is designed for acne, not specifically Rosacea.

What can you do at home?

With any skin problem that begins INSIDE the pore, you can look for a BHA (beta Hydroxy Acid, or Salicylic acid) skin cleanser. BHA's are oil soluble and will penetrate the pore to break down oils - this may help.

You should also be following a VERY gentle daily regimen. Remember - Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize, Protect. Though in this case, you may want to avoid the moisturizer and opt instead for a nice hydrating toner - it may be all you need.

Bottom Line?

Go see a good dermatologist and let her treat you. :)